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Great Lake Swimmers (2003)

Great Lake Swimmers - Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers

  1. Moving Pictures Silent Films
  2. The Man with No Skin
  3. Moving, Shaking
  4. Merge, a Vessel, a Harbour
  5. I Will Never See the Sun
  6. This Is Not Like Home
  7. The Animals of the World
  8. Faithful Night, Listening
  9. Three Days at Sea (Three Lost Years)
  10. Great Lake Swimmers

Bodies and Minds (2005)

Great Lake Swimmers - Bodies And Minds

Bodies and Minds

  1. Song for the Angels
  2. Let's Trade Skins
  3. When It Flows
  4. Various Stages
  5. Bodies and Minds
  6. To Leave It Behind
  7. Falling into the Sky
  8. Imaginary Bars
  9. I Saw You in the Wild
  10. I Could Be Nothing
  11. Long into the Evening

Hands in Dirty Ground (2006)

Great Lake Swimmers - Hands In Dirty Ground

Hands in Dirty Ground

  1. Song for the Angels (Miracle Version)
  2. Hands in Dirty Ground
  3. I Saw You in the Wild (Live)
  4. To Leave It Behind (Band Version)
  5. Innocent W.Y.D.
  6. This Is Not Like Home (Live)
2008 reissue
  1. Song for the Angels (Miracle Version)
  2. Hands in Dirty Ground
  3. I Saw You in the Wild (Live)
  4. To Leave It Behind (Band Version)
  5. Gonna Make It Through This Year
  6. This Is Not Like Home (Live)

Ongiara (2007)

Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara


  1. Your Rocky Spine
  2. Backstage with the Modern Dancers
  3. Catcher Song
  4. Changing Colours
  5. There Is a Light
  6. Put There by the Land
  7. I Am Part of a Large Family
  8. Where in the World Are You
  9. Passenger Song
  10. I Became Awake

Lost Channels (2009)

Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels

Lost Channels

  1. Palmistry
  2. Everything Is Moving So Fast
  3. Pulling On A Line
  4. Concrete Heart
  5. She Comes To Me In Dreams
  6. The Chorus In The Underground
  7. Singer Castle Bells
  8. Stealing Tomorrow
  9. Still
  10. New Light
  11. River's Edge
  12. Unison Falling Into Harmony
    iTunes bonus tracks
  13. It's Too Late
  14. The Storms Are On The Ocean

New Wild Everywhere (2012)

Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere

New Wild Everywhere

  1. Think That You Might Be Wrong
  2. New Wild Everywhere
  3. The Great Exhale
  4. The Knife
  5. Changes with the Wind
  6. Cornflower Blue
  7. Easy Come Easy Go
  8. Fields of Progeny
  9. Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife
  10. Quiet Your Mind
  11. Parkdale Blues
  12. On the Water
  13. Les Champs de progéniture

A Forest of Arms (2015)

Great Lake Swimmers - A Forest of Arms

A Forest of Arms

  1. Something Like a Storm
  2. Zero in the City
  3. Shaking All Over
  4. Don't Leave Me Hanging
  5. One More Charge at the Red Cape
  6. I Was a Wayward Pastel Bay
  7. A Bird Flew Inside the House
  8. A Jukebox in a Desert of Snow
  9. I Must Have Someone Else's Blues
  10. The Great Bear
  11. With Every Departure
  12. Expecting You
  13. Talking in Your Sleep (Bonus track)

The Waves, the Wake (2018)

Great Lake Swimmers - The Waves, the Wake

The Waves, the Wake

  1. The Talking Wind
  2. In a Certain Light
  3. Alone but Not Alone
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Side Effects
  6. The Real Work
  7. Root Systems
  8. Unmaking the Bed
  9. Visions of a Different World
  10. Holding Nothing Back
  11. Mouth of Flames
  12. The Open Sea

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Slim Pickings

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  • Colin Huebert
  • Mike Overton
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