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This song is by Grandpa Jones and appears on the album What's for Supper? (1974).

I went down to Riggso town
I met an old man and his name was Brown
He said you can sleep in the shanty-o
But you have to sleep with the baby-o

When I got there I's froze to death
And I didn't wanna smell no baby breath
So I looked at him and I said by darn
If you don't mind I'll sleep in the barn

Night was cold and the wind did blow
Smoke poured out of the shanty-o
Shivered and I shook with a frostbit toe
And I wished I'd slept with the baby-o

Mornin came and I took me a look
When I heard somebody cry sook by sook
Standin on the frozen taw
Qas the prettiest gal in Arkansaw

I looked at her she looked at me
I said young lady who might you be
She said my name is Mary Jo
But the old man calls me the baby-o

She milked the cow and went to the shack
And had a big breakfast of razorback
I stood by the fire and I thawed my toe
And I couldn't help lookin' at the baby-o

I was just about fixin to leave
She said what might your handle be
I held her hand and I told her right
I'm the fool that slept in the barn last night

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