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No Good, Mean Old, Lowdown Lover Man

This song is by Grace Potter and appears on the album Original Soul (2004).

I'm having trouble with my baby
Seems like he's always out of town
And the more I go looking for the man
The less he comes around

I don't know why he treats me so
But I love him even though
He sure is a no good, mean old
Lowdown lover man

Well baby, I feel your pain
'Cause I've been there every now and again
But there comes a time in your life
When you've got no one else to blame

'Cause you're digging yourself a hole
And there's no sense in taking that role
When you've got a no good, mean old
Lowdown lover man

Oh child, love just works that way
How can I sit there and watch him as he walks away?
You've got to let go, I know, just be strong
For how long? Just try

I'm gonna let go off my baby
Because he never gives me the time of day
Sometimes you've got to be alone for a while
Until a better thing comes your way

So just smile at the simple things
And forget about your trials
With that no good, mean old
Lowdown lover man

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