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My Book Of Shadows

This song is by Goat Of Mendes and appears on the album A Book Of Shadows (2005).

I light this white candle for the maiden
Goddess of beginning and the birth of spring
She is growth, she is fertility
Mirrors all the secret beauty
Of nature and all living things
I light this green candle for the mother
Nurturing and protecting she gave us life
Her breasts are heavy with sweet summers milk
I grab the Sun Kings antlers, take her as my wife
With fire and wax this spell shall begin
Invoking the magic from deep within
Three candles on my witches altar
I feel my power, I will not falter

All my wisdom preserved
And bound in a tome
For those who shall follow
I am turning a page
Full of magical lore
In my Book of Shadows
Tome of the secrets of
Pagans and Witches
Volume of knowledge,
Of potions and rituals
Guide for our dances beneath Lady Moon

Book of Arcana, of Sigil and Rune
Manual of herbs and of magical spice
Diary of noteworthy words of the wise
Foliant of creatures of land, air and sea
The script of my free will and so mote it be!
I light this black candle for the crone, old and wise
She reigns in wisdom like an ancient queen
She guides us through the winters darkness
When our autumn in this world is slowly vanishing
Dancing, spinning, Day and Night
Along the neverending wheel

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