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This song is by Goat Of Mendes and appears on the album A Book Of Shadows (2005).

A vicious she-wolf
On the prowl for prey
So beautiful
But utmost deadly
Her lush ripe shape
A promise of fever
In a cloak of blackest velvet
There's no pack to stalk behind her
A solitary Queen
No single thought wasted on others
Preying the male to fit her likes
Beware her when she strikes!
"I promise love so pure!"
-But deep in your mind there's just festering hatred
"My body longs for you!"
-Until your thirst for my lifeblood is saturated
"Your happiness I'll share!"
-But the cancer of envy is gnawing relentless
"I'll be forever there!"
-As long the slave is obeying the will of the Empress
"You'll do what pleasures me!"
-Just like Sisyphus eternally carrying the boulder
"There's no one next to me!"
-Except for the wicked imp perched on your shoulder
"Mirror, mirror on the wall am I the loveliest of all?"
Somewhere, some time, some place
Might be a prettier face!
Oh sweet

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