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This song is by Gloria Morti and appears on the album Evermorose (2008).

The bare white bones peeled
From flesh tainted pale
Bodies of murdered children
Whose prayers echoed unheard
Whose bodies gave in
Under the weight of stone
Abused beyond tolerance
Carved hollow of pride and life
Their bodies, hidden in the marshes
Left for scavangers to nurture
The life breathing fluids
Absorbed to the fertile land
Remnants of life long lost
In which parasites now nestle
None but the mare itself mourns
By their unnamed, dank tombs
Insects toil restless
Working on tender flesh
The scale fooling murders
That only the trees witnessed
No tears accompany the victims rest
Soil as their skin
They lay rotted beneath these meadows
Forever morose
These woodlands hide many secrets
Destinies uncharted by the living
No one grieves for unborn
The blind indulge in ignorance
No one bears to guilt
Here they lay adormant
Their putrid hands reaching for heaven
No one grieves for unborn
The deal indulge in ignorance
No one bears the guilt

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