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You Make Me Happy

This song is by Glenn Kaiser and appears on the album You Made the Difference in Me (1998).

Some mornins it comes to me with the break of day
Sometimes at the high noon with the sun so bright
Some late afternoon times when the sun sets low
Some evenin
s when the whippoorwill sings
In the sweet moonlight

You make me happy when You call my name
You make me happy, sunshine or rain
You make me happy, feel you all around
Someday I'm gonna see You
When the glory comes down

Some days come rougher in the heat of pain
Some days come easier, but all the same
When I feel Your love right with me
I can work through anything
That this life brings my way

'Cause You make me happy when You call my name
You make me happy whether sun or rain
You make me happy 'cause You're all around
Someday I will see You in Your golden crown

Lord, with You there is everlasting joy
I'm so glad that You made me Your own
I got the grace, every breath I take
Jesus, Jesus, You never make no mistake
And I'll tell Ya, I'm glad You're on the throne

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