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Promises He'll Keep

This song is by Glenn Kaiser and appears on the album Ripley County Blues (2002).

If you mourn,
You will be comforted
If you're gentle,
The earth is yours
If you hunger and thirst for righteousness
You shall be satisfied
Oh, you shall be satisfied

If you're merciful,
It will come back to you
Pure in heart, you will see God
If you make peace,
Peace you sall know
You'll be called the sons of God
You will be called the sons of God

Blessed are you: persecuted
Because of His rightouesness
Yours is the kingdom of heaven
The kingdom of heaven is yours

If the people insult you
If they lie about your life
Rejoice and be glad
Your reward is great
Kept for you safe in heaven
Kept for you safe in His hands


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