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Out Cold

This song is by Glenn Kaiser and appears on the album Carolina Moon (2001).

Ronnie took a look in his wallet
Patty took a look in the mirror
Saturday night only comes once a week
He went to a club to meet her
Not afraid of the weather
Engine jus' purred like a kitten
Knocked back a few, they got real loose
They never knew what hit 'em (2x)

No no
Susie pops her pills
She's chasin' perfection
An' just when she thinks she's catchin' up
It goes in the wrong direction
Now she's up on a table
Betrayed by her own voice
Deceived by a fable
An' now she's got no choice
She ain't got no choice

Out cold in the middle
Two lanes goin' separate ways
Dumbstruck by the riddle
Hair trigger always acts that way

Sammy knows it's a poison
Still he likes it poppin' up his nose
Streets reek with these lessons
Stone dead in the august snow
Fast lane tonight
Cold slab in the mornin'
Honey, out go the lights
Cause an' effect
It don't give warnin'

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