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This song is by Glee Cast, features Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch and appears on the television soundtrack The Music, the Complete Season Two (2012).

This song is a cover of "Ohio" by Leonard Bernstein.
Why, oh why, oh why, oh --
Why did I ever leave Ohio?
Why did I wander to find what lies yonder
When life was so cozy at home?

Wondering while I wander,
Why did I fly?
Why did I roam?
Oh, why oh, why oh
Did I leave Ohio?
Maybe I'd better go

O -- h -- I -- o.
Maybe I'd better go home

Well mother this song still doesn't explain
Why you abandoned your children
Ohio was stifling
We couldn't wait to get out of the place
And I told you, Sue
"We're going to be hunting Nazis"

And Pop said, "Sue this might take a little while"
Well those Nazis are slippery
And me hunting them down in Lima, Peru
And we'd get postcards from Niagara Falls
While I'm stalking Mangala in Boluvene Malls
Three times a year we'd get crackling phone calls

Happy birthday
Hunting Nazis
Merry Christmas
Hunting Nazis

Thank heavens we're free!

Why, oh why, oh why, oh --
Why did we ever leave Ohio?!

Wondering while we wander,
Why did we fly?
Why did we roam?
Oh, why oh, why oh
Did we leave Ohio?
Maybe we'd better go
O -- h -- I -- o.
Maybe we'd better go home

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