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This song is by Glasvegas and appears on the album EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ (2011).

Mama, I feel so scared
For three years
Liberty and walking free
Was every night my fantasies
Mama, I feel so afraid
Swallow me up the open gates
As the unknown awaits me
'Cause I don't think I could ever ever change

I would change if I could
I would change for you

Listen son, don't be scared. Please don't be afraid.
The monsters, they're gone.
They are well on their own.
So let's earn each others love
And never until it's something unconditional
So come on son, bring back that smile again,
And be led not into temptation.
Dare to resist reoffending again
'Cause, son, truly, it's never too late to change
A change is sometimes good
But before you change for me,
Change for you.


Written by:

James Allan

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