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All I Want Is My Baby

This song is by Glasvegas and appears on the album Later...When the TV Turns to Static (2013).

It's all about the money
I hope it makes you happy

Society's opinions, opinions in societies
It's my example I set for my daughter in my family
All I want is my baby

Economic, social and cultural hypocrisy
It kills me inside to hear about half an hour extra custody
When government intervention I can see all too distantly
Little girl feelings matter more than biology
All I want is my baby

A phone call, humiliation publicly
Ever heard of karma? Maybe you will do one day
How deluded you saw me in your false ideology
Now you see her - now you don’t
I'll remember that Houdini
All I want is my baby

Is it still about the money?
I hope it makes you happy

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