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One Time Machine

This song is by Ghost Kollective.

DNA spins in a moment of time
RNA twists to assist

DMA speeds to a remedy blind
IRQ trips to the wires

ETA nobody can be so sure
CGI colours the grey

CPU shift on a series of bits
MMU coils to delay

LED blinks make me think in the now
FTL soon to be taking a bow

BPS kicks at the tips of my toes
ECG panics in lines as I go

PSU shakes as it juices the wires
EMP dances in nano-sized fires

JIT here in the future they sell
QED no more to tell

The cogs and the wheels, the pulleys and string
The theory and practice for making it spin
The fine grain resolved to a spilt hair of time
The notion of motion, the drawing of lines

The parallel trouble for Aubrey De Grey
The bending of present to future today
The old and the new meet in steampunked extremes
The singular moment of man and machine.

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