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Flesh and Bones

This song is by Ghost Kollective.

Flesh and bones in slow decay
My sensors wired to everything
Yet all these shapeless shades of black, keep me in the dark

Awakened from the deepest sleep
My senses fooled by everything
All these subtle shades of black, leave me in the cold

Silence veils the main event
With hardly time to move, I'm thrown
A violent crack and worst case shakes me to the bone

Seriously, too close for me
My dented pride and bloodied flesh
All my subtle twists and turns, have failed to rescue me

With hardly time to breath, I'm gripped
A final move, my best laid plan
Mortality... too dear to me

Trained to do and think in steps
I realise the pointlessness
All these walk-throughs in my head, don't seem to cut it now

Racing, looping, facts and stats,
Crowd my head and fight it out
All these dials don't register, don't seem to change a thing

Everything! a critical sign,
At least that's something I've achieved,
All the training and the drills, I have to take control

Finally all lights turn red,
Decision made, it's time to leave
Is there no way I can make it home? ...what's wrong with this telemetry!?

With hardly time to think, I'm paused
A violent calm, I'm left to hang
Humanity... too far from me

I run the gauntlet to the lab
Experimental signs, ignored
Lift the safety, flip the switch
This IS an emergency

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