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Inside Story

This song is by Georgie Fame and appears on the album Seventh Son (1969).

City light signs gleaming
Rain swept black wet street
Endless nights of dreaming
Sleeping on my feet

Inside people talk about how to make money
Inside anger eatin' away at my dirt
Not me officer I wasn't tryin' to be funny
Bend down pick it up I could not lose a butt

City moving crawling
And he'll be high soon
Loneliness comes calling
Has it called on you

Inside people run around turning on eating
Inside sickness burning away at my mind
Why me, what am I, born lost takin' a beating
Drink deep pass it back methylated me blind
Yes a inside people laugh as though nothing has happened
Inside in the sinkin' right into my soul
Where's that prodigal cop that's mine to be frightened
Long gone, eaten up, swallowed down, spat out whole
Can anybody hear me, the whores are moving in
And I don't want to be afraid

City morning coming
Someone stopped the rain
Children, shouting running
I wish they'd stop the pain

Inside people think about nothing but dying
Inside laughter tickles at the back of my throat
Sometime, yesterday, that's the time to be crying
Rains gone, so have I, somebody read this note

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