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Guess Who I Saw Today

This song is by Georgie Fame and appears on the album Georgie Does His Thing With Strings (1969).

Sorry I'm late getting home from the office
Did you meet the train
Were you caught in the rain
No don't bother to explain

Can I fix you a sweet martini
As a matter of fact I'll have one with you
To tell you the truth I've had quite a day too

Guess who I saw today my dear
I went downtown to look around for something new
And thought I'd stop and have a bite when I was through
Guess who I saw today my dear

I looked around for some place near
And it occurred to me where I had parked the car
I'd seen a most attractive, French café and bar
Guess who I saw today my dear

The waiter showed me to a dark secluded corner
And when my eyes became accustomed to the gloom
I saw two people at the bar who were so much in love
That even I could spot it clear across the room

Guess who I saw today my dear
I've never been so shocked before
I headed blindly for the door
They didn't see me passing through
Guess who I saw today, I saw you

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