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Fully Booked

This song is by Georgie Fame and appears on the album Seventh Son (1969).

Twenty to one
I'm outnumbered but no sweat
Son of a gun, I'm not giving' in not yet

Milly Molly Mona Molene, Mandy handy
Cindy Shelia Sally Cherene, Sandy, randy

I've got it made, like I'm knee deep in women
Umm I'm not afraid, It's a sure way of slimmin'

Lily Linda Laura Lucille, Lisa, teaser
Cora cooks a pretty good meal, but she's a freezer
Put me down girl

Let me go home, Ow!

Poor little me it's a hard life I'm leadin'
Don't you agree, and I bet your hearts bleeding

I've got Rhonda Rita Rhona Rosanne, Ricky, tricky
Catherine makes a meal of a man, Kitty, pretty
Oh no!


I'm an all woman man, look at me ridin', high
Hip now here I go ridin' high

I've got Milly Molly Mona Molene
I've got Cindy and Shelia and Sally Cherene
Rhonda Rita Rhona Rosanna, Ricky, woo-hoo

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