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This song is by Georgie Fame and appears on the album Seventh Son (1969).

When she sits, down
Her piano
Gives her a warm welcoming smile and
When she begins
Playing them chords
Singing her songs everyone listens

Blossom fills the air with a rare perfume
And everybody swings to all the things she sings

Changing her, mood
She can be sad
Making her blues lonely and lost
In a midnight of nowhere
And everyone starts feeling the same

She looks small when the spotlights hit her
She sings tall and we're all gettin' bigger
Soon the room seems to shrink and shiver
Soon the moon will be here having dinner

Thirty two, bars never could say
Everything I wanted to
That is why songs of love 'ought to be
Longer especially for people like Blossom
Far longer yes much longer than this

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