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What's in Our Heart (1963)

George Jones & Melba Montgomery - What's In Our Heart

What's In Our Heart

  1. Let's Invite Them Over
  2. We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds
  3. Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last
  4. I Let You Go
  5. Multiply the Heartaches
  6. She's My Mother
  7. What's in Our Hearts
  8. Until Then
  9. Don't Go
  10. Now Tell Me
  11. There's a Friend in the Way
  12. Flame in My Heart

Bluegrass Hootenanny (1964)

George Jones & Melba Montgomery - Bluegrass Hootenanny

Bluegrass Hootenanny

  1. Dixieland for Me
  2. Once More
  3. Will There Ever Be Another
  4. I'd Jump the Mississippi
  5. Please Be My Love
  6. I Dreamed My Baby Came Home
  7. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  8. Blue Moon of Kentucky (cover of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Bill Monroe)
  9. House of Gold (cover of "A House Of Gold" by Hank Williams)
  10. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus
  11. I Can't Get Over You
  12. I'll Be There to Welcome You Home

Famous Country Duets (1965)

Gene, George & Melba - Famous Country Duets

Famous Country Duets

  1. Baby Ain't That Fine
  2. If I Were by Gene Pitney
  3. I've Got a New Heartache by George Jones and Gene Pitney
  4. I'm a People by George Jones
  5. That's All It Took by George Jones and Gene Pitney
  6. Simply Divine
  7. Feudin' and Fightin'
  8. King and Queen
  9. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You by George Jones and Gene Pitney
  10. I'm Looking for the Man by Melba Montgomery
  11. Your Old Standby by George Jones and Gene Pitney
  12. Being Together

Close Together (As You and Me) (1966)

George Jones & Melba Montgomery - Close Together (As You and Me)

Close Together (As You and Me)

  1. Close Together (As You and Me)
  2. From Here to the Door by George Jones
  3. Living on Easy Street
  4. As of Now by Melba Montgomery
  5. Feudin' and Fightin'
  6. Long as We're Dreaming
  7. Developing My Pictures by George Jones
  8. Let's Both Have a Cry
  9. Heartaches for a Day by Melba Montgomery
  10. Simply Divine

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