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The Same Sweet Girl

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album Sings the Hits of His Country Cousins (1962).

This song is a cover of "Same Sweet Girl" by Hank Locklin.
All the years have seemed so short since I have known you
And the love I've shared with you I won't forget
And if we should ever reach a hundred years, dear
You will be the same sweet girl as when we met

I'm so glad that I have found you, little darlin'
In my heart I hold the sweetest memories
And each time I gaze into your eyes, it's heaven
I can see the same sweet girl so dear to me

I could never stand to see you with another
When I think of losing you, tears start to flow
When your golden curls have changed and turned to silver
You will be the same sweet girl as long ago

You will never have to live on just a promise
I will always be around, dear, when you call
I will never share my kisses with another
Only with the same sweet girl, my one and all


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