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She's Mine

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album Where Grass Won't Grow (1969) and on the album I Get Lonely in a Hurry (1965).

I won't say that I'm the only one, who loves her
I can't say I make her happy all the time
There's someone she can't forget
I know she never will, and yet
But as far as my heart's concerned, she's mine

She never once has told me that, she needs me
She forgets when I'm around her all the time
There are words I try to say
When she turns and walks away
But as far as my heart's concerned, she's mine

She's mine and yet I know someday, I'll lose her
But she'll never take this happiness I've found
I know it may sound foolish when I tell you
That I'm satisfied just having her around

Even when she's in my arms, I know she's lonely
Wish that I could take that someone from her mind
But since her mother left our world
She's been daddy's little girl
She's a baby, I'm her daddy, and she's mine...

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