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My Favorite Lies

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album It's Country Time Again! (1966) by George Jones & Gene Pitney.

Written by George Jones and Jack Ripley

(Just a few of my favorite lies ...)

Lately I don't even miss her
Yes it's true, out of sight and out of mind
All my love, yesterday, it has faded away
I'd be lonely if I could find the time
Helped her open the door when she left me
All I said was good luck and goodbye
Now at last I am free like I've wanted to be
These are a few of my favorite lies

I'm surprised I'm still talking about her
For I can stop any time, and I will
But if you feel like asking me questions
Well I have more lies I'm dying to tell
There's no room in my heart now for sadness
I've completely forgot how to cry
If she came back today I would turn her away
These are a few of my favorite lies
Just a few of my fav-or-ite lies...

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