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I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud)

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album George Jones With Love (1971).

I've been told my days are numbered.
Soon mother earth will claim me for her own
But I won't go, we just started,
And I just can't leave you here all alone.

So my life must go on living,
My heart must keep on beating true somehow,
I'll let go when you leave me,
Then I'll follow you on up to our cloud.

My arms will hold you all your lifetime,
My love for you will always keep them strong.
I'll let go when it's your time,
And you'll never be alone very long.

Then my life can stop it's living,
My heart can stop it's beating and rest now.
And I'll let go 'cause you'll be with me,
And I'll follow you on up to our cloud.
Yes, I'll follow you on up to our cloud...

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