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Harmonica Ace (1993)

George "Harmonica" Smith - Harmonica Ace

Harmonica Ace

  1. Rocking
  2. Telephone Blues
  3. Blues in the Dark
  4. Blues Stay Away
  5. Have Myself a Ball
  6. I Found My Baby
  7. Oopin' Doopin' Doopin'
  8. California Blues
  9. Hey Mr Porter
  10. Early One Monday Morning
  11. Rocking
  12. Love Life
  13. Cross Eyed Suzie Lee
  14. You Don't Love Me
  15. I Found My Baby
  16. Oopin' Doopin' Doopin'
  17. California Blues
  18. Down in New Orleans (aka Hey Mr Porter)
  19. Early One Monday Morning (Take 2)

Now You Can Talk About Me (1998)

George "Harmonica" Smith - Now You Can Talk About Me

Now You Can Talk About Me

  1. Blowing the Blues
  2. Yes, Baby
  3. Tight Dress
  4. Times Won't Be Hard Always
  5. Good Things
  6. Goin' Down Slow
  7. Last Chance
  8. Boogie'n with George
  9. Bad Start
  10. Astatic Stomp
  11. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
  12. Sunbird
  13. Chicago City
  14. Peg o' My Heart

The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (2006)

George Smith & Bacon Fat - The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Disc 2
  1. Someday You're Gonna Learn (To Treat Me Right)
  2. Blue Switch
  3. Mississippi River Blues
  4. Before You Do Your Thing (You'd Better Think)
  5. I Don't Want to Go Baby
  6. Good Things
  7. Soul Feet
  8. No Time for Jive
Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)
  1. My Babe, Part 2
  2. I'm Ready
  3. Telephone Blues
  4. Forty Four
  5. Blues With a Feeling
  6. Summertime
  7. Got My Mojo Working
  8. Hamp's Boogie Woogie

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Artist information:

b.1924, d.1983

  • Instruments: Harmonica, vocals

Real name:

George "Harmonica" Smith is a performance name for Allen George Smith.

Also known as:

George SmithLittle George Smith

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