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Everybody Wants Somebody

This song is by Gene Simmons and appears on the album The Vault (2017).

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody needs someone to love
Everybody needs somebody
Sleep alone when you're not at home
Just hold on tight

If you find yourself in times of trouble
Tell yourself to hold on tight
And when you find out that there's no tomorrow
When you find someone just hold on tight

Everybody wants to send someone home
When you find someone, just hold on tight
Sleep alone at night (sleep alone at night)
Want to hold on tight, oh

Everybody needs somebody
Everyone needs somebody to hold
Yes, everybody needs somebody
If you're not at home and you find someone
Well, hold on tight

Afterwards you saw the diamond
All alone and all on high
Deepest show of soul to sorrow
Reach out one more time

Everybody wants to say to you
Gotta live by the golden rule
Somebody wants to for the numb
'Cause I don't wanna go to die

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody needs someone to hold
Everybody needs somebody
If you're not at home, just find someone


Written by:

Bob Dylan / Gene Simmons


recorded in 1991

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