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She's The Kind Of Girl

This song is by Gene Clark and appears on the album Roadmaster (1972) and on the compilation album Flying High (1998).

She's the kind of girl
Together like a lion
The kind everybody wants to know
She can fool you with her ways
Leave you with nothing much to say
And you try not to hang around
But you really don't want to see her go away

She's the kind of girl
Mary golden time
Sunshine and flowers in her hair
Simple ways she don't complain
She likes to move
She won't explain
And you wonder in the night

If everything was right with you
She might remain
Doesn't everybody want to hear
Doesn't everybody want to know
What it is to be so near
And watch it go

She's the kind of girl
Really has to see
What it is that's on your mind
She takes the time and understands
She makes no judgments, no demands
But she makes you feel the fool
When you wonder how she slipped
Right through your hands


Written by:

Gene Clark

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