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This song is by Gary Wright and appears on the album Footprint (1971).

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See the fallen angel drinking bitter wine
It has been forgotten, it has gone astray
And the lonely people passing 'way their time
They have been forgotten, they have had their day

See the time we live in no one seems to care
Money is the only big affair in our lives

See the little children laughing while they play
Will they be forgotten when they're old and gray
Life's the big occasion, enjoy yourself today
But don't forget soon we'll pass away

See the quiet stranger waiting in the rain
Soon he'll be forgotten he knows he can't stay
And today's great hero living in his fame
Soon he'll be the stranger, views of yesterday

See how things keep changing going where they came
Maybe we're just shadows in a frame
Oh past time

Have a funny feeling nothing will remain
Today will be forgotten for another day


Written by:

Gary Wright

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