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Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry)

This song is by Gary Numan.

Treated like a refugee
Never seems to be a place for me
In my mind there is a scene I see
My house is burning
No one returning
To a land once free.

Dreaming like a deportee
Cast away upon the open sea
No hand of friendship for the likes of me.
I feel the thunder
I'm going under
And I can't get free.

If there is a heaven

I don't want to hang around this hell.
I could be an angel
Let God (slip?) out of heaven back to hell.

And I say
I won't cry, no more tears
I won't cry, no more tears

Carry me away from here
Cut the crying and the see-through tear
Make emotion disappear
My life is changing
I'm re-arranging
Everything I feel.

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