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This song is by Gargoyle and appears on the album March Of The Heroes (2006).

Finally the war is over
We are ready to go back home
Excited to see the sun rising
Abouve the hills of our hearths
Only God knows how much we missed
Our sons, daughters and wifes
We can't wait to hold them
And feel their love deep inside our hearts
I wish all of us could have turned back
Wish all could have seen their children grow
But we saw so much soul slipped away
Through golden gates of heaven
Some say people we one loved
Become shining stars when they die
And brightest ones in the sky
Are proud martyries died where they stand
Whenever I close my eyes
I see faces of the brave ones
Still wearing their armors, carrying their swords
Standing near the throne of the greatest Lord
In my first night at home
When looking up to dark sky
I think bout dead friends
Who will live now and forever in my heart.

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