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This song is by Gang Starr and appears on the album The Ownerz (2003).

{*Inhaling and coughing*}
(Premier) Yo, you all right man? ... You zonin?
{*Scratched: "I... I speak that.."*}
(Premier) what's the deal?
{*Scratched: "I speak that re-real shit, just listen"*}

(Verse One: Guru)
Yo I pop your lid, I got to live
I ain't tall but I can show y'all what a problem is
I like to zone, I'm nice with chrome
I keep a vast stash of Magnums 'cause I like to bone
I play the game, I stay the same
But I can switch styles, pick files, I'm like gravy train
Shot the witness, got the bitches
Still in the streets with my heat about to shock the business
I handle biz, I cancel kids
Just like Allen I'ma show 'em what "The Answer" is
I'm after props, I spaz a lot
And yo I'm deadin all the bullshit till my casket drops
You know me boy, you owe me boy
You wanna end up in my trunk dyin' slowly boy?
I'm confident, I'm on some shit
'Cause I been knowin' already you was on the dick
I'm zonin

(Chorus: DJ Premier scratching - repeat 2X)
"Down with the Foundation"
"Step into my zone, mad rhymes'll stifle ya" -> Guru
"No time for games 'cause I'm, all grown up" -> DMX
"I speak that re-real shit, just listen"

(Verse Two: Guru)
It's conspiracy, you hearin me? That's why I get love
And still got others fearin me
You never know, who's next to blow
And since it's me, I'ma stash me some extra dough
Got extra flow, chicks give me sex and dough
Need I, mention P.I. player let me know
I'm down with dis, I founded this
So you should recognize the true authentic sound of this
The golden voice, holdin' toys
But not playin', Guru and Preem', we like the golden boys
The chain and star, I'm angry pah
Cause you fucks ain't wanna give us what we aimin for
You stupid son, I shoot my gun
From the heart fool, you know that's where this music from
Protect your dome, respect the throne
This is Guru and Premier, and you can bet it's on
I'm zonin

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