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It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good

This song is by Gang of Four and appears on the album Content (2011).

It was never gonna turn out too good for me
I was born in the winter in Manchester 3
With the rain in my face
From the East came the men that meant I'd never work again

They do the work that you won't
If this is Jerusalem why do they speak in tongues
Bring me your poor your masses
It was never gonna turn out too good for me
That always happens to your kind
I'm in the heart of the storm and it's too dark to see
It's fixed in the stars how it will be

I look to the stars to see how it unwinds
I never called the shots and I know that's my lot
The world will end in fire or it will end in ice
My fortunes depend on the throw of a dice

Wish it weren't so
Say it ain't so
A mountain to climb
It's too far to go

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