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Feminine Masculinity

This song is by Gallen Lo & Flora Chan.

Never give up

Who is with who
It's decided by fate
It doesn't matter if neither is willing
It doesn't matter how far apart the two of you are

The ocean and earth
Those two can be together
Forget the world, don't have a care
The old wise heaven has its plans
Love is love, and we can't question why

Love is love, and we never why
Even if I have to leave the earth, I won't hestiate

For the future, in the near near future
For a happy ending, I will wait for you to be together

To be with you
I don't mind the burden, I won't give up
Waiting for that perfect day in our future
We'll just hold tight and cross all boundries

To be with you, decades will not seem long
The heaven can not keep us apart
Even if all my days are fill with bitter sorrow

Repeat All (except for Gallen's first part)

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