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This song is by Gabriel Kahane and appears on the album Where Are the Arms (2011).

The color wheel and the western sky.
The reflection of a stranger in a strange fluorescent light.
Water on the bathroom floor.
A mattress for an island and a plastic sheet for shore.


The selfish city wins again.

She drives cause there's a lot of road.
And motion makes her calmer than to take it slow.
The man puts on the yellow gloves.
She concentrates discretely on the TV up above.


The selfish city wins again.

The windscreen is a cinema tonight
The shot of what she left behind
She sees herself in stereo.

The bungalow gets a splash of sun.
She opens up the front door when the man is done.
Water on the bathroom floor.
Tub's been up for days now and I can't see anymore.


Written by:

Gabriel Kahane

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