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Great Lakes

This song is by Gabriel Kahane and appears on the album Where Are the Arms (2011).

Beyond the spare black curtain
The candle and the glow
My friend can't get a word in
Between the din and the show

What's the use of hammering
With tooth and nail
What's all gone pale
From fright?

When we're deaf and stammering
It's all a pose.
At least our clothes
Are tight.

She second guessed his gesture
His threaded bucktooth grin.
She falls for men in sweatshirts
And boyish boys too thin.

Then that Modern Lovers' song
Filled up the room.
They sang in tune
So proud.

But that moment petered out;
She picked a fight-
So what's that line
So what's that line


Written by:

Gabriel Kahane

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