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Still Fucked Up

This song is by G Herbo and appears on the album Welcome to Fazoland (2014).

(Intro: Herb speaking)
Look... My squad!
Do this shit for my momma and my lil' sister, man...
All my niggas man...
Everybody I lost...

Let me introduce myself
It's G Herbo, I'm that youngin'
I be flexin', I love stuntin'
'Cause I grinded up from nothin'
I grew up in an apartment
Wit' my grandma and my mother
And my sister and my auntie
So my cousins like my brothers
Used to stay up in that basement
It was dark just like the dungeon
Close my eyes, pretend I'm rich
Wit' all the cars and all the money
Now I let my money talk
Till I decide to change the subject
Make my bitch order my food
'Cause I ain't tryna wait in public
Used to post up wit' that tool
I got tired of goin' to school
Cause that calculus and algebra
Wouldn't buy my clothes and shoes
Wasn't tryna wait to graduate
Yeah they said I was a fool
Now they screamin' out my name
And they sayin' that I'm the truth
Bitches suckin' on demand
Take second looks like, "Is it you?"
Used to be broke, got off my ass
Got to some cash, wasn't no excuse
Cause where I'm from, you dead broke
Or you just dead
1 of the 2
You better choose before the wrong one choose you

On the road doing shows, but it's still fucked up
I'm gettin' older Lord knows, that it's still fucked up
Yeah everybody know my name, but it's still fucked up
On the road to the fortune and the fame, but it's still fucked up

Everyday I wake, say hey to my mother
Flame me a blunt up
Give a couple words to my sister
Bang wit' my brothers
Young boy, I left the house
That block was my home
Couple homies, now they gone
Yeah, it feel like I'm alone
And I pray that I stay strong
So I gotta keep it right here
Grippin' on this heat
I can't sleep, it's a nightmare
I know it's gon' get betta
So I gotta keep my head up
I'm just sprintin' to this cheddar
And a switch up I will never
Gotta ride, I'll die for my niggas
No homo, yeah I miss 'em
Couple fucked up in the system
Or got bucked up by that trigger
In the field
Where it's real and you'll get killed
Roc and Kobe was my niggas
How the fuck I'm gon' forget 'em
In the streets I understand that it's a chance
That they might get the upper-hand
But I'm like still them was my man's
We can't go like that
Something gotta give
Cause every time tho we gon' go right back
To sittin', sheddin' tears
That ain't gon' never bring my bro right back

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