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My Melancholic Girls (2005)

G-Spliff - My Melancholic Girls

My Melancholic Girls

  1. Noisy Voice (featuring Dew)
  2. Won't Part (featuring Monique)
  3. Holy Hole (featuring Dew)
  4. Don't Wanna Be You (featuring Sawa)
  5. Keep the Silence (featuring Dew)
  6. Lose Control (featuring Martina)
  7. What'd I Do Wrong? (featuring Natalie)
  8. Gardener (featuring Dew)
  9. Not Afraid (featuring Martina)
  10. Come Into My World (featuring Monique)
  11. Sad About Nothing (featuring Natalie)
  12. At the End of Time (featuring Dew)

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G-Spliff is a performance name for Guillermo Porro.

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