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Album by G-Eazy.
  1. The Beautiful & Damned (featuring Zoe Nash)
  2. Pray for Me
  3. Him & I (with Halsey)
  4. But a Dream
  5. Sober (featuring Charlie Puth)
  6. Legend
  7. No Limit (featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B)
  8. The Plan
  9. That's a Lot
  10. Pick Me Up (featuring Anna Of The North)
  11. Gotdamn
  12. Leviathan (featuring Sam Martin)
  13. Crash & Burn (featuring Kehlani)
  14. Summer in December
  15. Charles Brown (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)
  16. No Less (with SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs)
  17. Mama Always Told Me (featuring Madison Love)
  18. Fly Away (featuring Ugochi)
  19. Love Is Gone (featuring Drew Love)
  20. Eazy (featuring Son Lux)

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