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The Epidemic LP (2009)

G-Eazy - The Epidemic LP

The Epidemic LP

  1. Intro
  2. Free
  3. Candy Girl
  4. Change The Station
  5. Freshaholic
  6. Apple Of My Eye
  7. Good One
  8. Mr. Jangles
  9. Groupies
  10. Pampers
  11. I Don't Want You Back
  12. Mr. Jangles Part 2
  13. Drinks Up
  14. Talk To You
  15. The Illest
  16. Fresh!
  17. Passing By
  18. Music

Big (2010)

G-Eazy - Big


  1. This Is Me
  2. Big (featuring Ratatat)
  3. My Life Is A Party (featuring Circa 87)
  4. SB Dunks
  5. California Culture (featuring Dam-Funk)
  6. Shh! (featuring OSYM)
  7. Purpell Treez (featuring Noon)
  8. Mango
  9. Luvaholic (featuring Crush Club)
  10. Fried Rice (featuring Onra)
  11. Apple Of My Eye (featuring Erika Flowers)
  12. Alone
  13. Never Listen To Adults (featuring Ratatat)
  14. Grown Up Life
  15. Coming Home (featuring Bryce Vine)
  16. Zombie Land (featuring Circa 87)
  17. Hell Is Round The Corner

The Outsider (2011)

G-Eazy - The Outsider

The Outsider

  1. The Outsider (featuring Vivian Girls)
  2. Dear Ms. Rose (featuring Phenomenal Handclap Band)
  3. You Were Up To Something (featuring Caddywhompus)
  4. Outta Pocket (featuring Chippy Nonstop)
  5. Blazin On A Sunny Afternoon (featuring Mod Sun)
  6. Waspy (featuring Tennis)
  7. A Thing For Me (featuring Metronomy and Breakbot)
  8. Right Now (featuring Team Robot)
  9. Kings (featuring Jai Paul)
  10. California Culture (featuring Dam-Funk)
  11. Netflix (featuring Cults)
  12. My Life Is A Party (featuring Dao Jones and Mikey Fresh)

The Endless Summer (2011)

G-Eazy - The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer

  1. Endless Summer
  2. Hang Ten (featuring Erika Flowers)
  3. Runaround Sue (featuring Greg Banks)
  4. Reefer Madness
  5. Make-Up Sex
  6. Well-Known (featuring Kam Royal)
  7. All I Could Do (featuring Skizzy Mars and Devon Baldwin)
  8. Waspy
  9. Acting Up (featuring Devon Baldwin)
  10. Run (featuring Team Robot)
  11. Outta Pocket (Remix) (featuring Sonny Shotz, Skizzy Mars, Chippy and Aqua Force)

Must Be Nice (2012)

G-Eazy - Must Be Nice

Must Be Nice

  1. Hello
  2. Plastic Dreams (featuring Johanna Fay)
  3. Lady Killers (featuring Hoodie Allen)
  4. Mad (featuring Devon Baldwin)
  5. Interlude
  6. Marilyn (featuring Dominique Le Jeune)
  7. Stay High (featuring Mod Sun)
  8. Breathe
  9. Must Be Nice (featuring Johanna Fay)
  10. Loaded (featuring DJ Carnage) (Bonus track)

These Things Happen (2014)

G-Eazy - These Things Happen

These Things Happen

  1. These Things Happen
  2. Far Alone (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)
  3. I Mean It (featuring Remo)
  4. Interlude
  5. Opportunity Cost
  6. Almost Famous
  7. Lotta That (featuring A$AP Ferg and Danny Seth)
  8. Factory Girl (Skit)
  9. Downtown Love (featuring John Michael Rouchell)
  10. Complete
  11. Let's Get Lost (featuring Devon Baldwin)
  12. Shoot Me Down (featuring Anthony Stewart)
  13. Been On
  14. Remember You (featuring Blackbear)
  15. Tumblr Girls
  16. Just Believe

When It's Dark Out (2015)

G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out

When It's Dark Out

  1. Intro
  2. Random
  3. Me, Myself & I (featuring Bebe Rexha)
  4. One of Them (featuring Big Sean)
  5. Drifting (featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez)
  6. Of All Things (featuring Too $hort)
  7. Order More (featuring Starrah)
  8. Calm Down
  9. Don't Let Me Go (featuring Grace)
  10. You Got Me
  11. What If (featuring Gizzle)
  12. Sad Boy
  13. Some Kind of Drug (featuring Marc E. Bassy)
  14. Think About You (featuring Quiñ)
  15. Everything Will Be OK (featuring Kehlani)
  16. For This (featuring IAMNOBODI)
  17. Nothing to Me (featuring E-40 and Keyshia Cole)
  18. The Otherside (featuring Liphemra) (Google Play bonus track)

The Beautiful & Damned (2017)

G-Eazy - The Beautiful & Damned

The Beautiful & Damned

  1. The Beautiful & Damned (featuring Zoe Nash)
  2. Pray for Me
  3. Him & I (with Halsey)
  4. But a Dream
  5. Sober (featuring Charlie Puth)
  6. Legend
  7. No Limit (featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B)
  8. The Plan
  9. That's a Lot
  10. Pick Me Up (featuring Anna Of The North)
  11. Gotdamn
  12. Leviathan (featuring Sam Martin)
  13. Crash & Burn (featuring Kehlani)
  14. Summer in December
  15. Charles Brown (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)
  16. No Less (with SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs)
  17. Mama Always Told Me (featuring Madison Love)
  18. Fly Away (featuring Ugochi)
  19. Love Is Gone (featuring Drew Love)
  20. Eazy (featuring Son Lux)

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