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TINA (2014)

  1. Letter to TINA
  2. Bucket Full of Sunshine
  3. Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad)
  4. This Girl
  5. Antenna
  6. Over
  7. Thinking About U (featuring Killbeatz)
  8. Dangerous Love (featuring Sean Paul)
  9. Azonto (featuring Itz Tiffany)
  10. Ye Play
  11. I'll Be Back
  12. T.I.N.A. (featuring Angel)
Deluxe edition (bonus tracks)
  1. Office Work (featuring Mr Hackett)
  2. Disappear
  3. Keep on Shining (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  4. Beautiful Sunray (featuring Krept and Konan)

Other Songs

  1. Boa Me

Additional information

Real name:

Fuse ODG is a performance name for Nana Richard Abiona.

Years active:

  • 2011–present

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