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Brandon's Riff

This song is by Unknown Artist.

So dude
You wanna pick up chicks
I'll give you the secret
You want mad phone numbers
And make them beg you to keep it
You'll be heart breakin'
Better yet heart bustin'
Just follow me and Justin
And soon they'll be lustin' for you

Now to impress these chicks
You gotta be smoother than ever
No need to sweat
I'm your mentor
I'm clever
The ones at the bar
And the ones at the pool
The triplets
Sammy, Tammy, Cammy
From my old high school

But it's cool
'Cause I rule
Multiple chicks
You'll be landin'
Just listen to Brandon
And soon they'll be
Standing with you
You can call them all
Smitten names like
Honey and Baby
And Bunny and Kitten
You listening
'Cause you now
Are a player
Just stack up the layers
On you're heart and then
Savor this slavor of freedom
Gotta date 'em and leave 'em
Goodbye catch ya later
See ya maybe next season
So you ready now Eddie
You're a chick seeking missile
So follow my plan and make all
The girls whistle

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