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Why Lovers Turn To Strangers

This song is by Freddie Hart and appears on the album That Look In Her Eyes (1976).

As of lately we're not happy together
Everything is wrong that used to be so right
Pretty words like I love you we take for granted
We've even stopped kissing good morning and good night
We don't dress up anymore for each other
We don't hold hands beneath the table anymore
When romance dies the honeymoon's all over
When the new wears off that's when love walks out the door

Now I know why lovers turn to strangers
We've lost that so-good feeling that we had so much of
Yes I know why lovers turn to strangers
When they stop doing the things that make them fall in love

Now that we know what's the matter with each other
This love affair don't ever had to end
If we practice what we're preaching on each other
Then maybe strangers can be lovers once again
Now I know why lovers turn...

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