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Death In Disguise

This song is by Fred Small and appears on the album The Heart Of The Appaloosa (1983).

All my life
Working at the factory
The pay looked mighty good to me
When my body was my own
Doctor won't look me in the eye
My youngest child asks why
I won't ever see her grown.
Now I can feel the darkness
Growing wild inside me
Catching my soul by surprise
You know that you've made it
You got your home, your job, and some good times
Then they tell you it was death in disguise.
In the consultation room
They explain the x-ray slide
I stop the rising tide
Of self-pity and cold fear
Pale in the fluorescent light
I find no one left to fight
And remember all my careless years.
Half the town works there
So people fear the truth
There's no conclusive proof
There's any danger in those fumes
The company never saw my face
They've got another in my place
Another life to be consumed.

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