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The Shorty George

This song is by Fred Astaire.

Just heard of the Shorty George
Got word of the Shorty George
Seems that it's a kind of jig
Named for someone about so big

He rambles around the town
Preambles around the town
Then stops on a crowded street
'N beats his feet till his feet is beat

Watch him go! - and he can -
Like a real- nach'-l man
High Stepper is Shorty George
Black pepper is Shorty George

He dances to pay the rent
And to see that you're solid sent
Mister can you spare a penny?
Lady can you spare a dime?

He makes, I don't know how many
'Cause he's dancin' all the time.
Popa's dressed up mighty sporty
Momma's snooz-in' in the shade

But while mommas's catchin' "forty"
Shorty sees the rent is paid
Get hip to the Shorty George
Hop, skip to the "Shorty George"

Directions are short and sweet
Beat your feet till your feet is beat
So catch-on to "Shorty George"
And latch onto "Shorty George"

Good people I'm tellin' you
"Shorty George" is the dance to do.


Written by:

Johnny Mercer; Jerome Kern

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