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Medley: The Girl on the Magazine Cover / I Love to Quarrel With You / Along Came Ruth

This song is by Fred Astaire and appears on the movie soundtrack Easter Parade (1990).

The Girl on the Magazine Cover

My head's in a dizzy whirl
Since I met a certain girl
There isn't another like her
She's a matchless pearl
Since I met this maid divine
I do nothing else but pine
Because I know she never could be mine

The girl I love
Is on a magazine cover
It seems they painted her just for me

I'd fall in love
If I could ever discover
A little girl quite as nice as she

If I could meet
A girl as sweet
I'd simply claim her
And name her my queen

For if she ever came
I would love her the same
As I love her on the cover of a magazine

My home is a picture book
If ever you came to look
You'd find her in ev'ry corner
And in ev'ry nook
She's fairer than all the queens
And loving her simply means
That I'm kept busy buying magazines

I Love to Quarrel With You

Honey, cuddle near!
Come on over here
Pick a fuss with me
Pick a fuss with me!
There's a reason, my dear
Try and make me cross
Act just like a boss!
Pick a fuss with me
Pick a fuss with me
My honey, because

I love to quarrel with you
Making up is so nice
I love to make you cry
To kiss the tears away from your eye
I'm wild about you!
Can't live without you!
That's just the reason why I tease you
I love to hear myself saying
"I didn't mean it
I didn't mean it!"
When I've had a quarrel with you

Honey, ain't it nice
To be cold as ice?
To be cold and then
To get warm again
Gee, it's nicer than nice!
Say that I'm to blame
I will say the same
Let's get mad and then
Let's make up again
It's all in the game

Along Came Ruth

I had girls by the score
Yes, a hundred or more
Each one as nice as could be
It was hard to decide
Which I'd want for my bride
They all looked lovely to me
While I was trying to choose one
I met a wonderful girl
She came tripping along
Like a beautiful song
Setting my brain in a whirl

I was growing very fond of Molly
When along came Ruth, along came Ruth
I thought an awful lot of Dolly
When Ruth came along
My head began to "Merry-go-round"
I almost married Polly
I was making love to May
When along came Ruth
And to tell the truth
She stole my heart away

There's a right little girl
With the right little curl
For ev'ry right little boy
When she comes, you'll forget
All the others you've met
Sorrow will turn into joy
She doesn't have to be pretty
She doesn't have to be wise
When she comes you will find
Tho' they say love is blind
She'll make you open your eyes

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