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Once in a Blue Moon (1972)

Frankie Miller - Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

  1. You Don't Need to Laugh (To Be Happy)
  2. I Can't Change It
  3. Candlelight Sonata in 'F' Major
  4. Ann Eliza Jane
  5. It's All Over
  6. In No Resistance
  7. After All (I Live My Life)
  8. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  9. Mail Box
  10. I'm Ready

High Life (1974)

Frankie Miller - High Life

High Life

  1. High Life
  2. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
  3. Trouble
  4. A Fool
  5. Little Angel
  6. With You in Mind
  7. The Devil Gun
  8. I'll Take a Melody
  9. Just a Song
  10. Shoo Rah
  11. I'm Falling in Love Again

Full House (1977)

Frankie Miller - Full House

Full House

  1. Be Good to Yourself
  2. The Doodle Song
  3. Jealous Guy
  4. Searching
  5. Love Letters
  6. Take Good Care of Yourself
  7. Down the Honkytonk
  8. This Love of Mine
  9. Let the Candlelight Shine
  10. (I'll Never) Live in Vain

Falling in Love (1979)

Frankie Miller - Falling in Love

Falling in Love

  1. When I'm Away from You
  2. Is This Love
  3. If I Can Love Somebody
  4. Darlin'
  5. And It's Your Love
  6. A Woman to Love
  7. Falling in Love with You
  8. Every Time a Teardrop Falls
  9. Pappa Don't Know
  10. Good to See You

Standing on the Edge (1982)

Frankie Miller - Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge

  1. Danger Danger
  2. Standing on the Edge
  3. Zap Zap
  4. To Dream the Dream
  5. Don't Stop
  6. Angels with Dirty Faces
  7. Firin' Line
  8. Jealousy
  9. It's All Coming Down Tonight
  10. On My Way

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Other Songs

  1. Ain't Got No Money
  2. Caledonia
  3. Drunken Nights In The City
  4. S'posin'

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