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Drinking Again

This song is by Frank Sinatra and appears on the 12" LP Record The World We Knew (1967).

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Drinking Again
Drinking again and thinking of when
Wehn you loved me
I'm having a few
And wishing that you were here

Making the rounds
Accepting a round from strangers
Bein' a fool
Just hoping that you'll appear

Sure, I can borrow a smoke
Maybe tell some joker a bad joke
But nobody laughs
They don't laugh at a broken heart

Oh yeah, I'm drinking again
It's always the same, that same old story
After the kicks
There's little old mixed-up me
Tryin' to lose a dream that used to be

Look at me, I'm drinking again
Thinking all over town
Yeah, I'm drinking again


Written by:

Johnny Mercer / Doris Tauber

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