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This song is by Frank Michael and appears on the album Le Chanteur des amoureux (1998).

I'm heavy handed
To say the least
My mother thinks
I'll be an awful clutche
'Cause I spill things
From stirring'em too
I'm far too loud
It's like, as soon as I've
Got an opinion
It just has to come out
I laugh at stupid things
Just'cause they tikle
Sometimes I wish
Sometimes I wish I was
Like Mariella
She got some prittstick
And she glued her lips
Never had to speak
Never had to speak
People used to sday
She's as quiet as a
She just doesn't make
A peep
She marched to her wardrobe
And threw away the colour
Because wearing black looks
But it didn't impress her mother
She wanted to dress her baby
In patterns and flowers
But Mariella just crossed her arms
And so she cried for hours
Mariella, Mariella
My pretty baby girl unglue your lips from being
Together and wear some pink and pearls
You can have your friends 'round
And they can stay for tea
Won't you just try to fit in please
Do this for mebut Mariella just crossed her arms
As she walked up the stairs
And she went into her bedroom
And she sat on her bed
And she looked in the mirror
And she thought to herself
If I wanna play, I can play with me
If I wanna think I'll thik in my head
At school Mariella didn't have many friends
Yeah the girls they all looked at her
And they thought she was quite strange
And the boys they're not really into
Girls at that age
And the teachers they thought
Mariella was just going thought a phase
But Mariella just smiled as she skipped down the road
Because she knew all the
Secrets in her world
Yes she alwaysgot the
Crossword puzzle right everyday
And she could do the alphabet backwards
Without making any mistakes
Mariella, Mariella
Pretty, pretty girl
Mariella, Mariella
Happy in her own little world
And she said
Yeah I'm never ever...
Gonna unglue my lips
From being together
She said I'm never ever...

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