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Adda Lee

This song is by Frank Black and appears on the album Frank Black (1993).

I'm a wishbone
And I'm breaking
Yeah, I'm wishing for Adda Lee
And the lake sings
And the dogs don't
They are quiet for Adda Lee
Adda Lee

I'm sorry and I miss you
And away I went away
'Cause I wished I was away
I wished I was away

A wishing well
Of well wishing
And Adda waves away
Adda waves away

Heroine of the stars
I don't know where I am
But I know who you are

Adda Lee
Adda Lee

And she whispered
And she left me a man
For the world

Oh, Adda Lee
Oh, Adda Lee
Oh, Adda Lee


Written by:

Frank Black

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