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L Train

This song is by Fourth Of July and appears on the album Before Our Hearts Explode! (2010).

Woke up in a dream state
And now I'm trying to call my lover
But she's on the L train
Going underneath the water
Meet my friend down at freestate
He's having one after another
Not that I can't relate
But we need to take care of each other
'Cause it's not getting any better

Woke up got my mind straight
Now I'm trying to call my lover
But what could I say
Although we're apart we're still together
Or no one could ever replace you
But that doesn't make it easy
Then I hear my friend say
"You're no match for the city
And you know that she's so pretty"
Yeah I know that she's so pretty

Woke up with a headache
Now I'm trying to call my lover
But she's on a blind date
He's blind to the fact I ever had her
And yeah I was out late
But I slept alone in my lonely covers
She said "no way"
I said I guess it doesn't matter
It wouldn't make me feel any better
Would it make you feel any better?

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