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Revolving Dora

This song is by Fountains of Wayne and appears on the album Traffic and Weather (2007).

Oh yeah

Revolving Dora
Hits the floor alone again
See her spinning, see her grinning at her imaginary friends
She's in her own rotating world
There's something blurry about that girl
Oh yeah

And she's turning out to be
Immune to gravity
She's a lot like you
Not much like me
Oh yeah

Revolving Dora Seems so sure about it all
She knows the score
So long before the morning papers make the call
And she's searching around the dial
For a song that'll make her smile

And she's turning out to be
Immune to gravity
And I don't know the degree
Of her grip on reality
But she sure has got a hold on me
Oh yeah


Written by:

Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger

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